Day: August 22, 2020

NASDAQ ALAC  Alberon Acquisition Corporation Ordinary SharesNASDAQ ALAC  Alberon Acquisition Corporation Ordinary Shares


The Nasdaq is a type of stock exchange market and it is located in the One Liberty Plaza in 165 Broadway of Manhattan in New York City, New York in the United States of America. It has been 49 years since the Nasdaq stock exchange market was founded and it was exactly the 4th of February, in the year 1971. The Nasdaq stock exchange market is owned by the Nasdaq, Inc. And its currency is the dollar of the United States and approximately 3500 number of listings are there and include the market cap of about 10 trillion dollars and to know more about the Nasdaq stock exchange market, one can visit their official market.

What is the NASDAQ: ALAC stock?

The NASDAQ: ALAC at is also popularly known as the Alberon Acquisition Corporation Ordinary Shares and has earned a profit of about 10.645 dollars in Unch according to the data in today’s report which is 14th of August, 2020. The ALAC stock basically carries the Exchange type as the NASDAQ – CM and is present mostly in the sector of Finance. The involvement of the Industry is basically the Business Service and has not mentioned any of the yearly targets that it has kept for one year nor has it mentioned any of IRS today’s low or high profit or loss. The share volume of the NASDAQ: ALAC is 0 and nil.


I’d consider the Average Volume Label, then it is 5675 and the previous close is 10? 65 in the dollar. The 52 week low and high values of the share which is based on approximately one year are for about $11 if it is high and if it is low then the value of the share is 10.10 dollars. The market cap is for about 49139854 which is a very huge market cap and this has made it more popular in the Nasdaq stock exchange market.


The beta of the NASDAQ: ALAC is only 1. The P/E ratio or even the forward P/E ratio on a yearly basis is unknown. The EPS which is also popularly known as the Earning Per Share is also unknown along with that the Annualized Dividend and the Ex-Dividend Date and Dividend Pay Date is also not known. For the internal security issues, they have also not revealed their current yield profit or loss. It is located on Rooms 1001-1002, 10/F,  Capital Center 151 on the Gloucester Road of the Wanchai in Hong Kong. And it is mentioned in the annual report of Form 10-K it is not referred to as the Company but they have used the pronouns as we, us, to make the customer feel more familiar.  You can check more stock news at stock buying app.


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