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All About the Oppo F17 Pro

Oppo F17 Pro is a revolutionary smartphone that offers the features of a feature rich and professional smartphone at an extremely cheap price. The Oppo F 17 Pro is an affordable device for anyone. It is loaded with advanced processing power, high resolution camera, high quality LCD screen, 5 MP front camera and other features that add value to your money. With such impressive features at such a low cost, it becomes hard for others to come out with a similar smartphone that offers high performance and great value for money.

The Oppo F 17 Pro offers four different versions with unique features and one with advanced dual camera feature. Buy Oppo F 17 Pro which has a huge storage of 128GB which enable you to store large documents in greater ease. This smartphone also runs on ColorOS 7.2 operating system, which is based on Android 7.2 operating system.

oppo f17 pro Oppo F 17 Pro is loaded with four different variants of software, namely Android ecosystem, MTeoTK, ESETia Gallery and Smart recharge. It comes with two sims, one with locked and one with unlocked network. You can get the unlocked version from OPEZ. The pricing of this handset starts from $389 and goes up to $715. The high priced versions have features like 5 MP front camera, s camera, internal memory card, wifi and many more.

In spite of its low price, the Oppo F 17 Pro offers a number of useful features in a slick design. It comes with a soft touch keyboard which makes it easy to use. The text and graphics on the screen are smooth and clear. There are plenty of battery life features and they help you save a lot of power when you use the smartphone.

One of the most impressive features of this handset is its amazing display. The diamond edged display has just the right ratio for viewing comfort. Another amazing feature of this handset is its super AMoled display with a bright and crisp image. This helps you to enjoy the bright display with clear text. The screen has also been designed with a wide color gamut and has the highest density of colors available in a smartphone.

The Oppo F17 Pro comes with a powerful MSM8 paving way to run all your applications. You get a complete range of connectivity options with this device like GSM modem, Bluetooth, USB and a micro USB connector. It has a powerful speaker, a nice screen and a fast processor that allows you to browse through the internet easily. The Oppo F17 Pro has an expandable memory so even after using it for a month you can keep adding extra apps to it and make sure you never run out of storage space. This handset is one of the best if not the best choice if you want to own one of the best mobile phones in the current marketplace today.

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