Most businesses hire in a receptionist or a P.A. (Personal Assistant) to handle the high volume of calls coming into the business. The wages and costs can be high. But if you have ever considered outsourcing this part of the business, then there are savings to be made by using a call answering service.

Virtually There Ltd. is a business that will professionally answer calls and pass them onto the relevant staff team member in real time via email. It literally acts as a dedicated assistant.

All calls are answered in the company name and the query is then dealt with accordingly. Virtually There Ltd. Can take all calls and tell customers you are unavailable but record a message which would be sent by email to you right away.

The call answering service can selectively screen callers and will always follow a detailed company script as demanded. Simple queries like pricing, directions to the office or address information can be dealt with easily by the service.

Alternatively, if the call is important and instruction is left to transfer the caller, Virtually There Ltd can push the call through to any landline or mobile phone as requested.

At any time throughout the service the call answering system will allow you to make changes to the program as you see fit.

Use Your Own Local Number

Virtually There Ltd operates out office addresses in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester. Yet the business may choose to select the local number you want (starting with 01- ). This gives the impression to all your customers the calls are being answered locally too.

Freephone Numbers?

Businesses using a call answering service can elect to choose its own Freephone number. These are the ones starting 0800 or 0333. If some clients are still sending fax sheets to you, the call answering service can convert to email and send it digitally.

There is an additional service available through this program: call conferencing. This eliminates the need for meetings in distant venues and cuts down on travelling time for attendees.

3 Separate Tiers of Service Available

At Virtually There Ltd the service can provide a “Message Taking Service” costing 89p per call. Message Taking Plus costs 99p per call and the premium service of “Virtual Reception” costs £1.09 per call. This includes calls transferred to you and a message taking facility.